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 Latest News About Twitter: Twitter is Going to Remove the Blue Verification Badge

Unless they have subscribed to Twitter Blue or the plan for verified organizations, Twitter will remove the blue verification badge from verified accounts that were verified before Elon Musk's takeover. Originally, Musk had provided the possibility to buy blue checkmarks using payment plans and dubbed Twitter's previous verification method as "corrupted."

After Musk became office, Twitter altered the language in the description of legacy verified accounts to indicate that they "may or may not be notable" with the introduction of Twitter Blue. The business introduced this subscription-based modality in November, including the verification mark as one of the premium features. Nevertheless, it stopped accepting registrations after two days when a large number of people quickly made fictitious and mocking profiles that seemed to have been "confirmed." The following month, the firm relaunched Twitter Blue with updated security features to thwart impersonators, and access is now open to everyone worldwide.

The old verification system of Twitter is going to remove:

According to the social media network's announcement, accounts that were verified before Elon Musk's takeover would lose their blue checkmark status as of April 1 unless they have a subscription to Twitter Verified Organizations, which is geared towards businesses, or Twitter Blue.

To assist users in recognizing celebrities, politicians, businesses and brands, news organizations, and other "public interest" accounts as authentic, not false, or spoof accounts, Twitter initially offered verified accounts in 2009. Previously, the company did not charge a fee for verification.

The old verification system of Twitter is corrupted:

Elon Musk referred to the previous Twitter verification method as being "corrupted." The platform owner made blue checkmarks available to all paying users, thus anyone could obtain a blue checkmark.

As a result of the excessive number of fraudulent historical blue "verify" checkmarks, according to Musk, the badge must be eliminated over the coming months. Twitter had much more than 420,000 Twitter handles before Musk's change.

The legacy of verified accounts is changed by Twitter:

After Musk assumed office, Twitter altered the description of legacy verified accounts to read "may or may not be important." Two weeks after Musk and Twitter finalized their agreement, in November, the business released Twitter Blue with the verification mark as one of the deluxe features. 

Yet within two days, it stopped accepting new registrations when a flurry of people created phony identities that looked "confirmed." The following month, the business released Twitter Blue with updated anti-impersonation safeguards.

Many other policies of Twitter By Elon Musk:

There have been several policy changes by Twitter related to the conduct of its users and their content, which may have been influenced by various events or incidents involving Musk or other high-profile figures.

As an illustration, Twitter revised its "Hateful Behavior Policy" in December 2020 to outlaw content that "glorifies or condones violence" and language that "dehumanizes persons on the basis of race.

 Additionally, Twitter has taken steps to label or remove tweets that contain false or misleading information, such as those related to COVID-19 or the 2020 U.S. presidential election. It has also updated its policies to crack down on misinformation related to vaccines, and to address concerns about manipulated media and deep fakes.

It is worth noting that Twitter's policies are constantly evolving in response to feedback from users, as well as changes in the broader social and political landscape. As such, it is difficult to attribute any specific policy change solely to the actions of one individual, including Elon Musk.

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