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Most used Live Streaming Platforms In The World


Most Used Live Streaming Platforms 

In The World

Streaming programs like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video, Disney+, and others are among the most popular services that Internet users can sign up for, and in which they can consume material for free or through a paid subscription.

According to statistics on the number of downloads, each platform has received, YouTube currently holds the top spot in this category globally, followed by Netflix MX Player, Amazon Video, and Disney+ to round out the top five.

The results are different for the Latin American nations represented in the document, though, as they have platforms for paid streaming services, such as Vix Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max the case of Mexico.

Similar situations are observed in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Peru, where Star+ and Netflix services are among the top spots, followed by Disney+ and HBO Max, with Pluto TV taking the third spot in Chile. To utilize any of the services, you must link an account must access a credit card to pay for the monthly subscription fees that each of these platforms demands.

Yet, the State of Mobile 2023 shows a clear distinction in the group of streaming services with revenue


 While Netflix and Star+ had the most downloads in the first category, Disney+, and HBO Max have produced more revenue thanks to their subscription-based models.


Youtube is the second application, which leads to more consumer spending, even in Colombia and Argentina. Star+, and Paramount+, didn't compete in the category, and even the Japanese anime streaming service Crunchyroll, which ranks fourth in Chile and Argentina, holds additional positions in various nations. However, globally, YouTube outperforms other services in the same category as Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, and Hulu for revenue generated by subscriber or consumer payments.

In terms of live streaming applications, where you can find streamers and content creators, Bigo Live It ranks ninth globally in terms of revenue, while in the breakdown by nation, Youtube (which comes in second) and Twitch (which comes in sixth) are the first applications of this type to appear.

The public of Peru chooses to spend their money on viewing material on Trovo, a similar app. Argentina and Colombia put this well-known content creation app at 8 and 7, respectively.


Hulu, owned by Disney and may be used with Star+, is an application that appears in the worldwide count but not the one that corresponds to the Americas.

What advantages does live streaming offer?         

Why is live streaming crucial, then? When it comes to your online marketing efforts, why should this be one of your top priorities?

 Your target audience wants it

Live streaming is particularly advantageous because this is the user-interested online material.80% of customers say they would rather watch live brand videos than read a blog article.

 Get immediate feedback

Live streaming on social media transforms a video into a debate with your audience rather than just making a presentation to them. You can respond to comments and likes that people leave. Most importantly, you can increase engagement and persuade your audience to return for more. You can modify your strategy as long as your viewer's feedback. By doing this, you keep creating material superior to the competition.

Appreciate top places on social media

Live video is top billing in newsfeeds on social networking sites. Facebook is the ideal example in this case. Live streaming receives six times as many interactions as pre-recorded videos on Facebook. If you use Instagram, you've probably noticed that the day's video stories appear in the upper left corner. It indicates that when users use Instagram, they are the first item they see.

Establish an immediate rapport with your audience

Many marketers and business owners are wary of live streaming because it is sensitive activity. It's okay if it's not always perfectly polished. Not everything will always go as expected. There may not be a director. You may not have expensive recording equipment. You can't just hit the "delete" button and start over if you make a mistake.

Although it may seem frightening, this is a good thing. People enjoy viewing live feeds for this reason. They are direct and sincere. The opportunity for people to connect with your brand personality is what they value most.

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